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Below are some examples of the different styles, tones, and delivery types I can bring to your project. These are a great way to get an idea of what I might sound like with your piece. However, I would love to provide you with a custom audition, if you are seeking a specific direction. Click here to request a quote and/or custom audition. 


Car, young, hopeful
Toy, kids, excited
Healthcare, warm, caring
Spa, luxurious, alluring
Millenial, believable, conversational
Family fun, peppy


Skincare, young mom, trustworthy
Real Estate, real, warm
Meditation, believable, calm


Corporate, genuine, informative
Business Review, uplifting
Real Estate, helpful, conversational
Recruitment, youthful, believable


Medical, informative, articulate
Training, technology, app
Instructional, how-to


Phone Intro Message, friendly
Phone Menu Prompts, professional
REX Real Estate: Savings

***Check out some of my work in action below!***

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